Looking for a CSA?  Consider joining Rosie Belle Farm!  A CSA or "community supported agriculture" is a way for small farmers to pay the bills while providing  members of our Farmily with exemplary farm based goods.  Rosie Belle Farm CSA members are "shareholders" in the production of the farm for six months, during which time they receive a bi-weekly basket of farm goods in exchange for a membership fee.   Our food is grown naturally...no chemicals, no herbicides. Our animals are raised lovingly.....with respect, kindness, and deep appreciation for their contribution to the sustainability of the Farm.  

The Rosie Belle Farm CSA is decidedly different from other CSA's as we provide substantially more than seasonal fruits and vegetables. Rather, we offer  a share of the full bounty of the farm....We make our own goat cheeses and cow cheeses.   Our ducks and chickens--both meat and laying birds--- have the run of the farm....the free ranging lifestyle results in the production of delicious eggs as well as meat that REALLY tastes like these birds were meant to taste!   We offer sweet raw clover honey,  jams and  preserves, raw milk (both cow and goat, seasonally) and a selection of yogurts.   We prepare a delightful array of home baked breads that will rival those found in your favorite bakery...Ciabatta, Seed and Nut, Rye, Rustic Farm White, Cinnamon Raisin, Honey Nut, and beyond!

We offer an ever changing weekly selection of meats....chicken, duck, goat, pork, beef and lamb..... all lovingly raised free ranging on our pastures.  Finally, because the Farmer's Wife likes to cook, you will see a ready made meal or two each week, depending upon the vagaries of the farm and the whim of the Chef.   Each item has a point value and YOU choose what you'd like in your basket!  Gluten Free?  No problem!  Vegan?  Not an issue!  Our selection is so varied that you will be able to choose from a variety of offerings to satisfy the most discerning consumer.

Delivery from our Farm to your Front Door is available throughout Nashville and surrounding areas for a minimal $5 fee and we offer a variety of Options starting at $75 per delivery.  Click here to see a recent Weekly Shopping List.